Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hawkeye Limited Series House Ad (September 1983)

Marvel put on a full-court press to promote the Hawkeye Limited Series in 1983. This house ad by Mark Gruenwald and Brett Breeding, which looks like it might have been a rough draft of the final cover to Hawkeye #1, appeared in Marvel's titles published in September and October 1983.

Source: Kraalo Archives

Hawkeye #1 Cover Art (September 1983)

Hawkeye #1 features what is easily one of the most iconic and most memorable images of Marvel's beloved bowman ever to grace a cover.  Artist Mark Gruenwald really nailed everything from Hawkeye's pose to the background and composition of the cover with Mockingbid approaching across the rooftops. Gruenwald's fantastic art for the Hawkeye Limited Series is all the more remarkable because the creator is best known for his body of work as an editor and writer with this series representing one of his few turns as an artist at the House of Ideas.

Source: The Marvel Comics of the 1980s
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