Friday, January 4, 2013

Marvel Calendar (April 1980)

The Marvel Comics Calendar 1980: The Occult World of Doctor Strange features a truly psychedelic piece of art by Gene Colan and Tom Palmer for April entitled "Eternity Beckons" that shows Doctor Strange face to face with Eternity itself. Gene Colan is one of the definitive Doctor Strange artists and it’s great to see his work featured in this calendar. The month of April was apparently short on Marvel Bullpen birthdays with only the now late Sol Brodsky named on the 22nd, so the other days are filled with art, quips and excerpts from the history of Doctor Strange. The calendar wraps up with a notable quote from the September 1966 issue of Esquire which featured a glowing review of Marvel’s growing influence on the world of comics. “Marvel often stretches the pseudoscientific imagination far into the phantasmagoria of other dimensions, problems of time and space, and even the semi-theological concepts of creations.”  Click on either of the images below to enjoy them in high-definition!

Source: Kraalo Archives

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