Sunday, December 2, 2012

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Ad (March 1979)

Marvel comics cover dated March 1980 and released in December 1979 had ads for the much-anticipated Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Featuring all of the original cast members, Star Trek: The Motion Picture offered the first return of the franchise in more than a decade since the TV series was canceled in 1969.  The film premiered on December 7, 1979 and grossed $11.9 million in its opening weekend, equal to about $39.8 million in today's dollars adjusting for inflation.  The film would go on to gross $139 million worldwide over time and set the stage for at least three more decades of Star Trek in film, television and other mediums. Marvel published an adaptation of the movie in Marvel Super Special #15 that was released in early December, 1979 to coincide with the film.

Source: Kraalo Archives,

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