Saturday, July 28, 2012

Marvel Team-Up #91 (March 1980)

Title: Carnival of Souls!
Cover: Rich Buckler, Al Milgrom
Writer: Steven Grant
Penciler: Pat Broderick
Inker: Bruce Patterson
Colorist: George Roussos
Letterer: Jim Novak
Editor: Denny O’Neil
Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Price: $0.40
Cover Date: March 1980
Release Date: December 1979
Synopsis: Spider-Man and Ghost Rider team up in Carnival of Souls!  Peter Parker and Glory Grant attend a carnival in Connecticut and Peter is shocked to find Ghost Rider appearing as the Blazing Skull in the carnival’s freak show. He returns after hours as Spider-Man and is ambushed by the carnival swami who claims to be an old foe, but the Wall Crawler doesn’t recognize him. Ghost Rider is dispatched to fight Spider-Man and the two former allies do battle until the hero is finally ambushed and knocked unconscious.  Spider-Man awakes in chains to learn that his foe is Moon-Dark the Magician who first appeared in Marvel Team-Up #12 (August 1973). The magician has imprisoned the soul of Johnny Blaze and intends to do the same with Spider-Man. The Web Slinger thwarts the magician’s efforts and frees both himself and Johnny Blaze’s soul, restoring Ghost Rider’s consciousness and setting in motion a cascade of misfortune for the villain that results in his death at the hands of the demon that was his true master.

Source: Kraalo Archives, Wikipedia

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