Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Marvel Super-Heroes #87 (March 1980)

Title: Descent Into The Time-Storm!
Cover: Herb Trimpe
Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciler: Herb Trimpe
Inker: Sal Buscema
Letterer: Sam Rosen
Editor: Stan Lee
Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Price: $0.40
Cover Date: March 1980
Release Date: December 1979
Synopsis: Marvel Super-Heroes #87 reprints Incredible Hulk #135 (January 1971) in which the Hulk becomes entangled in one of Kang the Conquerors’ time-spanning schemes. From his citadel in the 41st century, Kang hatches a plot to go back to World War I to change the outcome of history in a way that will eliminate the Avengers in the 20th century, but a time storm prevents him from making the journey. He realizes that the only creature who can survive the time storm is the Hulk, who Kang turns into an unwitting pawn and sends to the battlefields of World War I in 1917 where the green goliath encounters the masked hero Phantom Eagle. Although the Hulk disrupts a critically important mission, he ends up accomplishing the Phantom Eagle’s objective by accident, which foils Kang’s dream for the total conquest of time!

Source: Kraalo Archives

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