Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ghost Rider #42 (March 1980)

Title: The Lonesome Death of Johnny Blaze!
Cover: Bob Budiansky, Bob Wiacek
Writer: Michael Fleisher
Penciler: Don Perlin
Inker: Don Perlin
Colors: Ben Sean
Letterer: Diana Albers
Editor: Dennis O’Neil
Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Price: $0.40
Cover Date: March 1980
Release Date: December 1979
Synopsis: Ghost Rider intervenes when he finds the same gang he fought last issue high jacking an armored car on a desert highway in the dead of night. The criminals try to escape in the armored car, but Ghost Rider catches up with the vehicle and heats it with hellfire until the villains open the doors. He extracts from them information on where to find their co-conspirators and leaves the two men quivering on the side of the road. Awaking the next morning, the still amnesiac Johnny Blaze reports for work and sees that his boss Ginia has been in a car wreck. He races to the scene of the accident in a car and pulls her from the flames in the nick of time, further endearing him to Gina and catching the attention of the crew with his driving skill. His co-worker Carl challenges him to a race and Blaze begrudgingly accepts, falling victim to the jealous man’s dirty tricks as he forces Blaze off the road and knocks him out with a crow bar. Blaze comes to with his memory back just as Carl pushes his car over a cliff, transforming to the Ghost Rider just in time to escape the fiery crash. Gina witnesses Carl’s attempted murder of Blaze and calls the police while Ghost Rider, having no memory of Blaze’s recent activity, races off to find the gang of hijackers. The Brimstone Biker lays waste to the gang and the issue ends with Blaze wondering what happened to him during the past two days and a heartbroken Gina wishing that her man would return to her.

 Source: Kraalo Archives, Marvel Comics

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