Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bullpen Bulletins (March 1980)

Marvel's Bullpen Bulletins page for March 1980 included Stan's Soapbox, The Mighty Marvel Checklist and a cool house ad for Conan The Barbarian. Stan Lee wrote about the second live action Captain America TV movie that was set to air on CBS. IMDB shows Captain America II: Death Too Soon as being released on November 23, 1979, so I wonder if Stan's promo came a bit too late. The Mighty Marvel Checklist is pretty much on target, but does include a few errors and omissions. For example, Crazy Magazine #59 was published in February 1980, so March would have seen issue #60. Howard the Duck Magazine #3 and Tomb of Dracula Magazine #3 are also both listed here when they were published in prior months. Reconciling this list with the Marvel titles that actually have a March 1980 cover date is a painstaking process and they're probably not 100% correct, but our checklists are definitely more accurate than Marvel's originals. Click on the scan below to see Bullpen Bulletins in high-definition!

Source: Kraalo Archives

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