Sunday, February 12, 2012

Marvel Easter Eggs (Uncanny X-Men #130)

Uncanny X-Men #130 features at least two Easter Eggs. The first Easter Egg is the Joker who appears in the foreground of a scene at the club where the X-Men meet the Dazzler. In The X-Men Companion II (Fantagraphics 1982), John Byrne says "Yes. One of the people was the Joker. I didn't want to put a color note on it, but I was definitely hoping that Glynis would light that panel so that everybody had white faces and green hair so that he would come out looking even more like the Joker."

The second Easter Egg in Uncanny X-Men #130 is Jason Wyngarde's shadow cast on the wall by the headlights of Prof. Xavier's Rolls Royce as Cyclops, Dazzler, Nightcrawler and Phoenix drive away at the end of the issue. The silhouette of Mastermind's familiar face appeared once before in Uncanny X-Men #122 when the illusionist first met Jean Grey in Scotland. While that appearance was more subtle, the text in this issue prompts the reader to make note of the shadow as something significant.

Source: Kraalo Archives, Marvel Comics

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