Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Art of John Byrne Volume One (1980)

Title: The Art of John Byrne
Pages: 64
Cover Price: $5.95
Publication Date: 1980
Publisher: SQ Productions
Description: The X-Mail letters page of Uncanny X-Men #130 (February 1980) highlighted the publication of The Art of John Byrne Volume One, saying "It's 64 pages of full-tilt fantasmagoria from full-color cover to full-color cover...and there's a full-color center-spread that'll knock your eyes out! John has personally imaginered an all-new 25-page comics story especially for this portfolio! Plus, there are dozens of brand new illustrations by John of your favorite Marvel Super-Stars (some of them inked by the ever-talented Terry Austin)... an introduction into the weird world of John Byrne by Roger Stern ... an insider's afterward by Chris Claremont... a checklist of John's comics work... and more!" You can view most of the illustrations from this volume online at Byrne Robotics, but not the 25-page original story, checklist and other extras.  So go ahead and search for an original on eBay. This book is a must-own for any John Byrne fan for lover of Marvel in the 1980s.

Source: Kraalo Archives,  John Byrne Forum


  1. Every Byrne fan should own one, now where's volume 2 ?

  2. That's a fact, Gerry! I really wonder why SQ never produced a second volume, but I suppose it's possible that SQ didn't last long enough.


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