Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Howard the Duck House Ad

Marvel's Howard the Duck comic ended after three and a half years with issue no. 31 in May of 1979 and was reborn as a 64-page bi-monthly black and white Marvel magazine that debuted in October 1979. This format shift was designed to force retailers to place the book with other material targeted to a mature audience as opposed to being relegated to the "funny animal" book section.  The first issue of the magazine certainly forced that point with a very revealing look into Howard's relationship with Beverly that probably took a lot of readers by surprise just as it did with me. In light of this move by Marvel, it's somewhat curious that this house ad published in certain Marvel comics in February 1980 doesn't let readers know that Howard the Duck is not a comic, but a black and white magazine intended for mature audiences. Still, it's a cool ad, so I'll take it.

Source: Kraalo Archives

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