Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Mystical Message from Stan the Man

What better way to kick off our journey through 1980 than with Stan Lee's fantastically fun and heroically hyperbolic introduction to the Marvel Comics Calendar 1980: The Occult World of Doctor Strange?

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, the time has finally come!  No longer need you grope in darkness or stumble in blind confusion while seeking the day and date.  Now, thanks to the eternal Vishanti (hallowed be their name), you hold in your own two trembling hands the first fabulous calendar totally devoted to the magic, the magnificence, and the majestically mystifying mythos of Dr. Strange, enchanted Master of the Mystic Arts!

Who among you has not thrilled to the electrifyng exploits of the world's greatest magician?  Who amongst you has not felt your pulse quicken, your heart beat faster, as Stephen Strange challenges the evil powers of the Dread Dormammu, the bloodthirsty Baron Mordo, the inhuman Nightmare, and all the demonic denizens of the worlds beyond?  Not a single one of you?  Hey, that's just what I thought!

Y'know, when artists Steve Ditko and I first bestowed the awesome adventures of Stephen Strange upon a grateful and responsive reading public, little did we dream that he was destined to be come the most famous, best-selling Lord of the Occult in all of contemporary literature!  Little did we suspect that he renown would spread to the network television, books, toys, games, and calendars!

But, we should have known.  We should have guessed.  After all, everyone is fascinated by the supernatural; everyone loves to speculate about what lies beyond our own three-dimensional universe.  And, most important of all, everyone loves a far-out, phantasmagoric, frightening story!

So, this is our wondrous way of thanking you for making Dr. Strange the most spectacular smash success since Merlin's last shave.  Out of the sheer goodness of our happy little hearts, we hereby bequeath to thee this colorful calendar; breathtaking in its beauty and dazzling in its design!

And now, by the Crimson Rings of Cyttorak, we leave thee with this imperishable incantation, "May the Ancient One ever smile upon thy countenance, and may thine amulet never blink!"


Stan sure could turn a phrase back in the day and it's hard not to smile while reading his purple prose!  Check out the cover to Marvel's 1980 calendar by Dave Cockrum and Tom Palmer.  A great start to a year!

Source: Kraalo Archives

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