Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Marvel Project?

Comics – Marvel Comics in Particular – are many things to me. They are great stories of action, adventure, drama, intrigue, mystery, romance and suspense that have fueled my imagination and kept my interest for years and still have me going to my local comic book store every Wednesday. From a nostalgic perspective, comics can also be a time machine like a familiar song on the radio that can bring me back to an era or a specific time or place. In the same respect that I indelibly associate albums and songs from my favorite band with stages and moments of my life, I do the same with my favorite comics.

The goal of The Marvel Project is to catalog and chronicle what to me has been the completely immersive experience of Marvel Comics fandom. Not just the stories, but the advertisements, Bullpen Bulletins, letters columns, monthly checklist, and Stan’s Soapbox as well as original art, posters, toys and other ephemera that have been a big part of my love of comics. As much as I appreciate the graphic quality of trade paperbacks, digital comics and other remastered editions of vintage titles, it's not quite the same experience for me as reading the originals, so it'll be fun revisit many of these books for the first time in years.

I’m going to start with January 1980 and walk forward in time month by month with individual issues and lots of other content from my collection and a number of other sources.  I was initially going to start in the fall of 1982 when I first started actively buying and reading comics, but I consider all of the 1980s to be my own personal Golden Age of Comics, so I might as well launch The Marvel Project at the beginning of the decade.  It’s going to be a big undertaking, but it should certainly be a lot of fun. I’ll be asking for help along the way, so I hope that people will join in and share things from their collections as well as fond memories.


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