Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ghost Rider #40 (January 1980)

Title: The Menace of the Nuclear Man!
Cover: Bob Budiansky
Writer: Michael Fleisher
Penciler: Don Perlin
Inker: Al Gordon
Colorist: Bob Sharen
Letterer: Diana Albers
Editor: Roger Stern
Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Price: $0.40
Cover Date: January 1980
Release Date: October 1979
Synopsis:  Johnny Blaze is hit by a drunk driver in a pickup truck while wandering the streets of Wichita, KS on a dark rainy night.  He is taken into a nearby house by a man who turns out to be the prominent nuclear scientist Thurgood Vance where Blaze learns the scientist's dark family secrets that led to his disgrace and imprisonment.  After being released from prison, Vance built a nuclear powered suit of armor, ostensibly to demonstrate the destructive potential of even low-yield radioactivity.  But as he is showing the suit to Blaze, criminals burst in and kidnap Vance and his daughter, blackmailing the scientist into robbing a bank for them with his nuclear suit.  Vance eventually overpowers the criminals and vows to destroy the Wichita-Karcinoma nuclear power plant.  His daughter tries to stop him, but he kills her by accident and then attempts to fly a helicopter into the cooling tower of the nuclear plant in a fit of rage. Blaze turns into Ghost Rider and stops the mad scientist, dispatching him to to a fiery end.

Source: Kraalo Archives, Marvel Comics

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