Thursday, May 15, 2008

Black Widow Sketch by John Byrne (1976)

Heritage Comics sold this stunning nude rendering of Black Widow by John Byrne at the auction held at San Diego Comic-Con in 2003. Little is known of the piece's provenance, but this drawing was done in a sketch pad in 1976, shortly after the acclaimed artist moved from Charlton to Marvel Comics and started penciling Iron Fist in the pages of Marvel Premiere. In the auction catalog listing, Heritage wrote "Well-known for his amazing renditions of the female form, John Byrne does not disappoint with this stunning full-color illustration of a rather immodest Black Widow. This is a relatively rare piece, as Byrne has not done much, if any, other semi-nude pieces like this one. The image area measures approximately 7" x 12" and is in excellent condition, ready for framing."

Source: Heritage Comics

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